A small company with big ambitions!
We have a lot of knowledge and
experience in house and
we try to gather more daily.


Innovative, flexible, quality.
We are always looking for new
products or improvements.
We like to think ahead.

The Company

Orion Automotive is a small company with big ambitions and many possibilities. Personal contact is very important to us and therefore we introduce ourselves to you.

Ruud Vink
Marcel Steenbakkers
Els Keurentjes
Karin Sanders
Joost Schrama
Linda van Drunen
Nienke Vinkenvleugel
Roland van den Oever
Grzegorz Kotula
Eelco Monde
Rado Valach
Leo van Oort
– Founder, owner
– Owner
– Commercial office staff
– Commercial office staff
– Commercial office staff
– Commercial office staff
– Marketing and e-commerce
– Web design and e-commerce
– Warehouse and workshop
– Warehouse and workshop
– Warehouse and workshop
– Warehouse and workshop

We also work with a variety of flexible workers and trainees.

Orion Automotive is a club of hardworking people with healthy ambitions. We combine this with a smile and love the Burgundian life.
The qualities that have our products, we guarantee with our team. Knowledge and experience are offered, and will looking for development every day. We gladly provide you with the best advice.

Orion Automotive is located in a modern industrial estate in Veghel north, 5 minutes from exit 11 on the A50 highway.

In 1999, Orion Automotive has started in 's-Hertogenbosch and since 2011 we are located in Veghel.
We have a office, warehouse, workshop and a webshop. In our webshop you will find our full program and if you have an account you can order our products online.
Orion Automotive is a small company, but we think big and seize opportunities. Therefore, we can give a good advice to optimize your fleet. You will receive a custom-made advice that should be as fitted as our accessories.

Mission, vision and company values

Orion Automotive stands for protective car accessories. Not only to beautify your car but also to actually add life to reduce your fleet and downtime to a minimum.
By the possibilities of our workshop we can think along with you in every way and innovate. We are flexible and creative and see eyes watching impossible task, as ambitious challenge. All our accessories are of high quality and fit perfectly.

We are always looking for new products or developments. We do everything we can to facilitate as much as possible. In addition, we also like to think ahead. How can we respond effectively to the market so we already have the answer before you asked the question.

Company values

  • Our products are of high quality (TÜV / ABE, EU / EC inspections)
  • We provide a high level of service
  • In addition, we find a safe and healthy working environment for our employees is very important

About our webshop

logo orion automotive

Orion Automotive B.V. now also offers the possibility to order our products online. View our extensive program in our webshop.

Do you wish to order online? Please feel free to contact us about it and we will send you your log-in details. Only registered users can make use of our webshop

Contact us

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+31 (0)413 – 352 537

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Opening times

Monday - Thursday from 08.00h till 17.00h
Friday from 08.00h till 15.00h
Saturday Closed
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